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Tonya Wilson

Co-Founder, Principal Photographer, Mentor

Hello friend! I'm a proud band alum (1997 to 2000) who started out as a wee trumpet player, student photographer, and slideshow programmer in the age of analog cameras and slide film. I helped usher in the digital era for band photography and slideshow and co-found Gopher Photo along with Dave Whitaker in 2001 as a pro-bono extension of our professional studio. I've spent the majority of my professional career as a photographer in some capacity - weddings, portraits, events, nature - but have backed off in recent years due to chronic back issues. I still pick up my camera as often as I'm able.

For fun I spend time with my family hiking, kayaking, enjoying a concert, or watching movies. I also foster MANY kitties through The Kittens Cradle Rescue. In the quieter moments, I pull out my watercolors to paint. It isn't quite the same as photography, but I enjoy it just as much (and I'm still very much a beginner!)

The lessons I learned and people I met in my time with the marching band completely changed the trajectory of my career and life. I volunteer my time and resources as a way to give back to a family that has given me so much. It is a true joy to continue mentoring and supporting the next generations of band photography staff. Please don't hesitate to say hi when our paths cross or connect via the links below. Ski-U-Mah!

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