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Jason O


Hi, my name is Jason O. I joined the team as a student editor and slideshow producer back in 2015, which was my rookie season with the Pride of Minnesota, and since then have expanded my roles into photography. I marched Trumpet and B1G Flags during my 5 seasons from 2015-2020, and those years in the band have been my greatest memories and experiences as an undergrad at the University of Minnesota. My favorite bowl trips hands down were San Diego's Holiday Bowl 2016 and Tampa Bay's Outback Bowl 2020.

Outside of Gopher Photo... My usual day job is full-time in human resources and staffing. In my free time, I love to build workstations and gaming computers, play video games, travel around the world, eat great food, be a fan of nfl and college football, and have some involvement in teaching and photography for drum corps and high school bands in the area. 

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